[LinuxBIOS] Linux BIOS on Embedded board

Keven Tipping keven at insomniatechnology.com
Wed Jul 13 19:13:56 CEST 2005

Greetings to all!

I hope this is the correct address to use when posting- I'm somewhat new 
to the whole mailing list thing.

Anyways. I recently picked up a nice PCM-5820 Rev. B2 Board, made by 
Advantech. It runs a GX1 300mhz Processor, 256mb PC100 Ram (SODIMM), and 
2 40gb Samsung IDE Drives.

The unit also has 2 USB 1.1 ports, AC97 Audio, Realtek RL8139 10/10 

I'm planning on running Linux, probably Fedora Core 3/4 on the machine, 
as a VPN endpoint and network server serving up SMB/NFS. It might 
eventually be used as a MP3 player for my home theater system, so I do 
need audio capabilities. The two USB ports are being dedicated to a 
Crystalfontz 635 and 634 displays, which will be used to monitor and 
control the system heedlessly.

I'm wondering- will LinuxBIOS run on this machine properly? It has no 
expansion so-to-say, just PC104 which will remain unused. I've heard 
things about the Audio and Graphics for the unit, but nothing definite. 
Will this board run LinuxBIOS, with Video and Audio capabilities?

If I have to, I'll grab one of those nifty swap-a-bios chips that lets 
me select between the Advantech Phoenix BIOS and the Linux BIOS. This 
system will be encased in a acrylic case (custom made, laser cut), so 
this is more of a hobby then anything else, but I'd like to have a 
system running Linux that boots Linux BIOS for the kick of it.

Keven Tipping

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