Anybody having success with EPIA 800? (was Re: EPIA halting after vt8601 init?)

Al Hooton al at
Fri Jan 21 08:41:01 CET 2005

On Fri, 2005-01-21 at 10:11 -0800, Al Hooton wrote:
> (yet?).  At this point, I'm curious as to whether this lspci output
> matches the EPIA 800 boards you have running LB in-house? 

	Hold off on that request.  I've gotten through LB to my payload.
Mark's pointer to the defines at the top of raminit.c were the clue.
Turns out I have CAS latency 2 sdram in this particular box, but I
hadn't bothered to notice that.

	Ron: What do you believe is involved in updating raminit.c for the
vt8601 northbridge in order to auto-detect CL of 2 or 3?  What about
updating it to auto-detect PC100/PC133?  I'm not familiar with the
register interfaces in the vt8601, I've never seen the specs.  What were
the chipset bugs you had to work around with the #defines for these two
settings back when the code was first put together?

	Thanks to everyone that lent a hand!  Now, I'm off to figure out why
filo can't see my ide drives...   8^(



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