V2 questions

Richard Smith smithbone at gmail.com
Thu Jan 20 19:38:00 CET 2005

> no, not at all. It's the target/bitworks/richard/Config.lb that determines
> normal/fallback or fallback-only configuration, and that in turn will
> drive how the thing gets built

Ok. I think I see now that I've looked a bit more closely.  

So if I set the HAVE_FALLBACK to 0 then it will only build the
fallback image but include everything that would have been in the
normal image?

> good point. The only reason I like seperate trees is that if things get
> too weird I like to
> rm -rf freebios
> cvs blah blah co freebios
> and not affect any of my targets. That's all.

Thats a good point as well.  I usually find though that when things
get flaky.  I've always been under the hood working on things.  So
blowing away my tree would blow away any changes I've been working on.

Plus I can simulate what you are talking about by just checking out a
clean copy into another directory and building that.

Richard A. Smith

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