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Tue Jan 18 04:47:00 CET 2005

Hi Bari,

Quoting Bari Ari <bari at>:

> Frank wrote:
>>> Just FYI we're working on V2 for the CN400 (Epia-nano).
>>> -Bari
>> The board looks very attractive for an application I'm thinking
>> about. If I were to go out and buy an Epia board tomorrow, which
>> one should I get if I want to use V2...
> Anyone know the status of all the Epia's working with V2?

I have the plain old VIA EPIA (800/5000) working a good 80 % of the time.

Not sure if my problems are buggy northbridge setup or buggy motherboard - it
generates some spurious serial at power on, and sometimes hangs reading the
smbus to size the ram.

CVS is upto date with my current northbridge code, but not my clean up of the
southbridge code.

> -Bari
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