v2 testbios compile error

ollie at lanl.gov ollie at lanl.gov
Mon Jan 17 14:40:01 CET 2005

>> the new pcilib have a PCI domain parameter in additional
>> to the BUS:DEV:FN. I think you are using old pcilib, just
>> removed the 0x00 parameter.
> When you say "new" pcilib you are talking the _alpha_ pcilib 2.1.99.
> The latest stable version does not have this domain parameter.
> The 2.1.99 alpha is not backwards compatible with the stable so you
> can't just update your libs since it causes lots of other things to
> break.
> What I ended up doing was creating a private pcilib lib in the vgabios
> dir and have testbios use that rather than the system library.
> What was the a reason you had to move to the alpha version for the
> userspace program in V2?  Seems like a lot of trouble for not much
> real gain.

It is used because it is in FC2. I believe it is in recent SuSe too.
I think it is requred for x86_64.

>> BTW, the int1a implementation in testbios (both V1 and V2) is not
>> necessary correct. Yout should take a look at
>> src/device/emulator/pcbios/pcibios.c in V2 tree.
> What parts exactly did you fix?  I took a brief look.  The lack of
> source names for the pci commands in testbios maks it hard to do a
> comparison without translating them to symbolics first.

I don't remember. The one in emulator/pcbios is reimplemented
from scratch by reading the PCI BIOS spec.


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