linuxbios on geode gx1.....

Richard Smith smithbone at
Thu Jan 13 07:20:01 CET 2005

> my config looks as follows:

>target pcm-5823
>mainboard advantech/pcm-5823

Ah. Cool you are using V1 that will make things easier.  I can't mess
with this untill this weekend but I'll certainly give it a whirl.  I
was wanting to try and get linuxbios up on my reference platform

One question though does your board have SDRAM or DDR?  My reference
boad has DDR soldered on the mainboard but looking at the
code its not obvious if its for sdram or DDR.

I've got the gx1533 reference board made by Via not by NSC.  Dunno if
they did anything differnt.

Richard A. Smith

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