speaker beeper

Adam Talbot talbotx at comcast.net
Wed Jan 12 18:15:01 CET 2005

Console... Well "running" is a big word :-).  I get garbage to the screen,
so I no that "some" of Linux bios is loading.  I know that the console
connection is good, added console support to GRUB, that works great.
Currently I am looking over
freebios2/src/northbridge/intel/i855pm/raminit.c.  Found that the CAS is
hard set to 2.0 !@#$ that will kill my board REAL quick like, my ram is 2.5
CAS, fixing that, and hoping that will fix my garbage out put problem.  I
would like to add beep code's to different parts of my boot.  So 3 beeps
means that RAM failed to load, 2 the Northbridge failed, and so on.  Just a
good debug to get my console up and running.  I am very happy to see the
code for the speaker, but that code is way beyond my skills of C. I need to
be able to just copy and paste the speaker code, or a function calling the
speaker and put that into key parts of the code.  I have no clue if this is
easy or hard to do.
I will keep you up to date if the raminit.c fix cleans up my console.

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> "Adam Talbot" <talbotx at comcast.net> writes:
> > A morse code decoder for decoding "Audio console".   Wow, our geek is
> > hanging out! :-) if some one have that much spair time...  But for now,
> > or two simple beeps would make me VERY happy.
> > As far a POST card, I do not have one... Yet.  What POST card have your
> > had good luck with (PCI)?
> I keep having problems with not having a 5V 32bit PCI slot or an ISA
> But in any case the llshell.inc should do the trick just include it and
> call it very early on.  And the first thing it does when called is beep.
> From romcc the calling convention would look something like:
> asm( "movl $1f, %esp\n\t"
>         "jmp low_level_shell\n\t"
>         "1:\n\t"
> );
> Of course you won't come back unless you have your serial console
> Eric

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