855gme chip set support

Ronald G. Minnich rminnich at lanl.gov
Tue Jan 11 06:23:00 CET 2005

On Tue, 11 Jan 2005, Bari Ari wrote:

> Odd how this is happening with Intel since they have an entire division
> dedicated to embedded computing and Linux support yet they cripple open
> source BIOS development.  

See tianocore.org. Intel's goal with BIOS is to IMPROVE the ability of
vendors to make proprietary, closed-source BIOS. In other words, we have
several vendors pulling for full open source bios implementations, but
Intel is pulling the exact opposite direction. Intel has some arguments
about why they feel they need to do this, all related to silicon IP. I
don't run a chip company so am not qualified to judge the merits of their
arguments. I just know which companies are willing to work with LinuxBIOS,
and we intend to put our main efforts with those companies.

> Is Phoenix or is M$ really the one behind keeping chipset BIOS specs
> under lock and key?

I think M$ prefers closed source BIOS, or so I have been told. In fact one 
vendor has told me that LinuxBIOS is in M$ field of fire, but who knows if 
this is really true. 

> On the other hand AMD is open to open BIOS development but you have to
> jump through hoops to get docs from AMD chipset vendors at times and AMD
> chipsets are really just for proof of concept and product launch vs
> production.

That is an issue. AMD is very friendly, but some third parties (Nvidia,
ServerWorks)  are very unfriendly. It remains to be seen whether the idea
of an open source BIOS is viable, in the face of such opposition from the
chipset vendors.


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