VGABIOS is working under LinuxBIOS

Richard Smith smithbone69 at
Wed Jan 5 17:51:01 CET 2005

--- "Eric W. Biederman" <ebiederman at> wrote:

> > I just got the vgabios emulation working in the
> LinuxBIOS. The VGA card 

Man thats excellent news.  Were the in-kernel patches
from scitech soft helpful?

> > is complete inited before the kernel is loaded.

I've learned from the vbios guys that the term for
this is "POSTed."

> I am trying to see if it looks possible to put
> LinuxBIOS with VGABIOS support
> and a linux kernel all in a 1M rom chip.

In response to scitech softs request about getting the
emu into the kernel Paulo Marques did some work on
reducing the size of x86emu by reworking a lot of the
instruction calls to be multi-function and removed a
lot of duplicate code.  He felt that with some more
work it would be possible to get the emulator down to

All that in 1M should be possible.  I was able to get
General Sofware's bios + kernel + initrd in 1M on our
last board and that setup contained kexec,
TCPIP,ext2,pcmcia,ornoicoo drivers and a minium set of
pcmcia tools compiled with uclibc.  I think I topped
out at 960k.

Richard A. Smith
Bitworks, Inc.

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