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Wed Jan 5 10:09:00 CET 2005

Enable apic ext id committed.

         nodeid = lapicid() & 0xf;
        #if ENABLE_APIC_EXT_ID == 1
                lapic_write(LAPIC_ID, ( lapic_read(LAPIC_ID) |
(APIC_ID_OFFSET<<24) ) ); // CPU apicid is from 0x10
                if (cpu_init_detected(nodeid)) {
                        asm volatile ("jmp __cpu_reset");

also reset_test.c
change cpu_init_detected and distinguish_cpu_resets to take node id.


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On Tue, 4 Jan 2005, Stefan Reinauer wrote:

> I can have a look, if you can point me to some documentation. Is the
> utility supposed to through out a working mptable? The code it creates
> looks fundamentally different from the opteron boards' mptables.c
> versions.

It will toss out C code with the proper options. It's been so long since 
anyone has used it that I don't remember how to run it!


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