new free software foundation crusade:

Andreas Thienemann andreas at
Mon Feb 28 13:24:01 CET 2005


On Mon, 28 Feb 2005, Ronald G. Minnich wrote:

[new website]
> volunteers?
Well, I would volunteer to a) create the new webpage and b) set it up with 
some kind of CMS so that someone else can fill it with content.

I've got about 2 more weeks of holidays and am in dire need to practice a 
bit more of typo3 development to "hone my skills". So, why not do 
something worthwhile instead of a bunch more "lorem ipsum" pages? ;)

Only problem: I have been trying to get linuxbios running on one of our 
epia boards and failed horribly.
Therefore someone else would have to deliver the _real_ content as I am 
quite clueless wrt to linuxbios and not really paying attention to the 


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