new free software foundation crusade:

Bari Ari bari at
Mon Feb 28 08:48:00 CET 2005

The correct link to version 2 is:

We also have it posted on a page at our site:

The link at the download page at has been wrong for at 
least a year. It's been mentioned before, but everyone is busy.

This link from the above page is wrong:

The .gz needs to be changed to a .bz2


Alan Mimms wrote:

> I think it would be MOST helpful if the linuxbios web site reflected
> true and accurate recent information.  It appears to be very out of date
> and doesn't even say how to get to freebios2 IIRC.  If I knew more of
> what WAS true and correct, I would offer to help update the site.  But
> alas, I am just lurking on this mailing list and absorbing what I can...

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