new free software foundation crusade:

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I think it would be MOST helpful if the linuxbios web site reflected
true and accurate recent information.  It appears to be very out of date
and doesn't even say how to get to freebios2 IIRC.  If I knew more of
what WAS true and correct, I would offer to help update the site.  But
alas, I am just lurking on this mailing list and absorbing what I can...

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Also on Slashdot earlier today:
Stallman Calls For Action on Free BIOS

Ronald G. Minnich wrote:
> if you see errors let me know (I did not write this but they will take
> input). I know the comment about linuxbios being stripped-down linux
> not quite right; anything else?
> Nevertheless it is really great to see the FSF weigh in on this issue.

> If your company is a supporter of linuxbios, or other free bioses such
> U-boot etc., then you should definitely contact the FSF and get your
> listed. 
> ron
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