A Four X Solution?

Justin Walsh jwalsh at bigpond.net.au
Sun Feb 27 15:39:01 CET 2005

I'm not a lazy person, but very active for an elderly 65er.
However I have so many unfinished tasks, which demand my constant attention.
Like castrating and branding cockatoos, and  tickling  crocs to death to 
save ammunition.
Linux is just has to remain one of those things, of which,  I must forgo 
the pleasure .
I am working with old (no elderly) thinkpads,  and  compaq 600 EN small 
footprint pc's.
They are becoming readily available. Banks and insurance companies are 
literally throwing then out the windows of high rise buildings.
Sorry I lie, three story, a skyscraper is about ten.
Anyway for my "clientele", people poorer than myself, but not destitute, 
this seems a pretty good baseline quality.
Most of those, like myself  have swapped the life of  taking for giving. 
No I'm not a bush ranger.
My plan is simply this:
I take these working WindowsXPse and XP machines,  load up Netscape and 
Star Office and plug in a nifty LinuxBios.
One made in the good old US of A, or is it China these days? Oops sorry 
they told me not to mention China.
So please forget I said anything about china.
Then (this is the bit I love) I  uninstall Windows.
But once I distribute these machines I need to charge them at least one 
years service agreement.
Not from me because my service is free, but from someone who knows 
Linuxbios like the back of the hand.
And who is willing to do the service remotely via say realVNC.
Many of these people are from remote farming communities or farmsteads 
(where the front gate is 100 miles from the front door). If they have one.
They must be able to take their machine to town and into an internet 
cafe, plug it in and watch it being serviced, whilst "downing a cool XXXX"
Queenslanders don't give a XXXX for any other beer.
I hope they will feel the same about this service.

Any takers?

Justin Walsh

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