Build error on the EPIA-M

Richard Smith smithbone at
Sun Feb 27 12:10:01 CET 2005

> i guess you can do it either way
>         a) pcmcia/ide support in kernel and use that (big!) kernel to
>         boot from that device
>         b) use ide<cf> adapater and smaller kernel with ide support only.

I don't think in-kernel will be enough.  pcmica services depend on the
card manager deamon to detect device insertions and register the
device.  cardmgr is user space.

So I think you will have to go early userspace or an initrd and either
pivot root or kexec into another kernel.

When I did my wireless pcmcia net boot setup I had to compile the
pcmcia-cs stuff against uclibc to get it small and remove the glib
dependency.  I was placeing it all in 1Meg of ROM so I even went
further and hacked down cardmgr so that all it would do was register
the device.  Then I built a small initrd with all the tools.  The boot
system then pulled the real kernel down off the network and kexeced
into it.
Richard A. Smith

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