Build error on the EPIA-M

Adam Sulmicki adam at
Sun Feb 27 11:52:01 CET 2005

sounds to me like chicken and egg problem.

On Sun, 27 Feb 2005, Adam Talbot wrote:

> Software suspend for Linux, gives me stuff like "hibernate"
> I have most every thing compiled into my kernel, there are thing's that I
> still have as modules, but those are things that I don't need most of the
> time.
> When I boot in a normal case the system will be coming out of hibernate, not
> doing a full boot. This means that software suspend (the program that allows
> hibernate) will be loading its hibernation image off the disk. Well if that
> image happens to be the on my 1GB CF card, I need to have ide-cs loaded...
> Well with the way that software suspend works, it loads about half way
> through the kernel loading process, ide-cs loads after that.  This means
> that software suspend cant see the CF, yet.
> I need linuxbios for speed reasons, not the fact that it can boot from CF,
> but that helps.
> This is all going into and embedded car computer to play music, GPS,
> wireless. So first and formost is the boot time. With software suspend and
> linuxbios I will be looking at a cold boot, to playing music in about 12~14
> seconds.
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>>>> yes, via PCMCIA it is still an ide device..
>>> Ya. CF is ide, but it never hits the onboard ide controller only the
>>> controller. I cant get to the CF with out the correct drivers in place.
>> i'm not sure i follow..
>> does if you use pcmcia it will not use the onboard ide controller
>> since it just an emulated ide driver via pcmcia/cardbus, nothing to do
>> with ide on board.
>>> As of right now I can only get option B to work. Option A can not work
>>> because of software suspend loading before ide-cs. I was hoping that I
>>> could use linuxbios to start the onboard CF and pass it to the system as
>>> just another ide or scsi device.  I know that linuxbios can start the CF
>>> and boot from it; can it pass it to the OS as generic storage device?
>> well part of reason to use linux kernel was to allow booting from complex
>> devices like uh, Infiniband, etc.. so cf over pcmcia should fall into the
>> same category.
>> i'm not sure what you mean by software suspend
>> either way you should compile everything built in, not as as module and
>> that way linux kernel should able to find all devices on boot.. so
>> root=/dev/hde or some such would work.

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