Build error on the EPIA-M

Adam Talbot talbotx at
Sun Feb 27 11:32:01 CET 2005

Software suspend for Linux, gives me stuff like "hibernate"

I have most every thing compiled into my kernel, there are thing's that I
still have as modules, but those are things that I don't need most of the

When I boot in a normal case the system will be coming out of hibernate, not
doing a full boot. This means that software suspend (the program that allows
hibernate) will be loading its hibernation image off the disk. Well if that
image happens to be the on my 1GB CF card, I need to have ide-cs loaded...
Well with the way that software suspend works, it loads about half way
through the kernel loading process, ide-cs loads after that.  This means
that software suspend cant see the CF, yet.

I need linuxbios for speed reasons, not the fact that it can boot from CF,
but that helps.
This is all going into and embedded car computer to play music, GPS,
wireless. So first and formost is the boot time. With software suspend and
linuxbios I will be looking at a cold boot, to playing music in about 12~14

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> >> yes, via PCMCIA it is still an ide device..
> > Ya. CF is ide, but it never hits the onboard ide controller only the
> > controller. I cant get to the CF with out the correct drivers in place.
> i'm not sure i follow..
> does if you use pcmcia it will not use the onboard ide controller
> since it just an emulated ide driver via pcmcia/cardbus, nothing to do
> with ide on board.
> > As of right now I can only get option B to work. Option A can not work
> > because of software suspend loading before ide-cs. I was hoping that I
> > could use linuxbios to start the onboard CF and pass it to the system as
> > just another ide or scsi device.  I know that linuxbios can start the CF
> > and boot from it; can it pass it to the OS as generic storage device?
> well part of reason to use linux kernel was to allow booting from complex
> devices like uh, Infiniband, etc.. so cf over pcmcia should fall into the
> same category.
> i'm not sure what you mean by software suspend
> either way you should compile everything built in, not as as module and
> that way linux kernel should able to find all devices on boot.. so
> root=/dev/hde or some such would work.

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