Build error on the EPIA-M

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Sun Feb 27 06:15:01 CET 2005

-Adam Sulmicki
On the EPIA-MII the CF is part of the PCMCIA and does not connect to the ide
bus at any time... So the only way I can get access to the CF is through
ide-cs. I do have an adaptor on order (CD-IDE) to help with this issue, but
I would much rather use the onboard CF.  The less cables the smaller the
-Adam Talbot

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> > If I can boot off the onboard CF device what device does it come up as?
> > still hde?
> yes, ide.
> > Here is the problem I am running into:
> > On the stock bios I can not boot off the CF, so I boot off a hard disk.
> > Well, when I add linuxbios, the system will be asking for data before
> > hard disk will be ready. My hard disk has a 5~7 sec spin up time. So in
> > I plan to boot off the CF so solve this problem.  OK, fixed the spin up
> > problem, but brought up a new problem.  My current kernel config loads
> > ide-cs (access to the CF) after software suspend 2. So software suspend
> > not work, as it can't read the software suspend file during boot;
ide-cs is
> > not loaded yet, and I don't know how to change the device loading order
> > the kernel.
> ide-cs ? that's part of pcmcia, it shouldn't have anything to do with cf
> at all if you are are connecting CF via IDE bus (which is the way you
> should do it, and which should the the way if it is on board cf device).
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