Porting nVidia's Crush chip - I seem to be having smbus trouble.

Ken Fuchs kfuchs at winternet.com
Fri Feb 25 16:34:00 CET 2005

Yh Lu wrote:

>I guess you need to create ck804_early_smbus.c to read spd rom. You
>can refer some driver from Kernel or Lmsensors...and nvidia chipset
>I change that from amd_early_smbus.c

My xxx_early_smbus.c was working fine.

It was the smbus read routine in xxx_smbus.h that was broken.
It is now fixed.  There be DIMMs. ;)  Isn't working RAM great!

Yh Lu, thank you very much for your suggestions.


Ken Fuchs <kfuchs at winternet.com>

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