Porting Linuxbios to Via P4m266A

sherlock at vsnl.com sherlock at vsnl.com
Wed Feb 23 17:45:01 CET 2005

On Wednesday 23 February 2005 18:32, Stefan Reinauer wrote:

> As a first step, yes. But you want dynamic detection of dram and

Detection of size and speed?. Suppose we freeze on a particular ram 
type only for starters.

> other things. By looking at a picture you can't see which line was
> painted first and why.

I was hoping that by comparing some other similiar via chipset bios 
with this one I could probably make a guess (with plenty of hand 
holding from you guys) of important events. Then use that as a 
template to get things going. I am presuming that the current crop 
of devices wont be wildly different. 


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