LinuxBios support for the ELAN SC520

Stefan Reinauer stepan at
Tue Feb 22 05:25:01 CET 2005

* Robin Randhawa <robin.randhawa at> [050222 16:40]:
> After a bit of digging around, I've narrowed down my choice of
> bootloaders to telios' ALIOS and Linuxbios from you good people. Alios
> seems to support only the ELAN SC400 and I am not sure of the existing
> Linuxbios support for the ELAN SC520.
> Could someone please inform me if this microcontroller is currently
> supported ?
I've started a port a while ago but I never found the time to get it
working. I'll dig it up so you can have a look somewhen this week.


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