A my wits end.

Justin Walsh jwalsh at bigpond.net.au
Sat Feb 19 09:41:01 CET 2005

I'm old fashion, believing that True Users are End Users. 
Business/nonBusiness  people (dotCom/dotOrg,  or neither).
The Ideal model I use is the mobile phone: Who really cares what drives 
it, as long s it works.
I have two Integrated Development Environments, IDE's:
    1. PDC VIP nc; Visual Prolog non commercial and,
    2. Cincom VWnc; VisualWorks non commercial.
The first is primarily Declarative (non procedural leaning toward 
procedural). The mindset is radical  "close".
The  second primarily Procedural  (non Declarative leaning toward 
declarative). The mindset is radical "open".
I am stuck with a choice of which "one" to choose. Neither is making it 
easier for me.
Neither actually requires an Operating System at all, the earlier 
Borland and Digitalk (mid to late 80's) releases ran  well on early DOS.
 From my experience both could have run just as well (if not better) on 
64k bit CP/M.
Since they are both true OO IDE's  and can perform everything  a modern 
computer should, then I don't see the OS as doing any more than provide 
what you describe so well  in you opening statement in Linuxbios.org:

Reinout Heek wrote:
The most minimal Linux I heard of is the one being adapted to run instead of 
the bios (requires reflashing your bios)

Will boot in seconds 

 In fact  once my StV IDE has booted (DOS3.10) I can even delete c:\dos 
and the command.com.
Both Cincom and PDC (owners of the above tools) have hitched their 
respective wagons to either Windows or Linux or both and End Users are 
being led a merry techno-political dance.; no insult intended.
They now service only their Primary Users, who are nearly  all  
committed to either Linux or Windows; one and all  Programmers
Secondary or End User are left wondering whether years of development 
are going to end up as junk.
I am now faced with all the uncertainty which  a technical "civil war" 
i.e "open v Close" or  as in Gullivers Travels "Big-enders v 
Small-enders", presents.
If there is anybody (with an open/closed mind), who can speak with me on 
the matter (soberly and Rationally), then:
I would be delighted to hear from him/her,them.

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