Pentium-M on 855GM ?

gfiala at gfiala at
Fri Feb 18 01:39:00 CET 2005

has somebody managed to get an Pentium-M based motherboard to run already? 
The motherboard is an ibase MB890 mini-itx one with the following chips: 
82555GME (GMCH) (with DVI out if that makes anything harder than with CRT?) 
82552GM (MCH) 
82801DB (ICH4) 
82801DBM (ICH4-M) 
Winbond W83627HF 
cpu-socket is FCBGA 478 
Pentium-M (Dothan) 1.6 GHz 
More information required? 
Somewhere i read, that hot-swapping the Bios-chip is not recommended, instead 
a tiny "dual-socket" extension-board is plugged into the MoBo's Bios-socket 
(PLCC?) which has a jumper on it to enable one or the other chip of the two. 
Where can i get one? 
Where to find the correct pin-compatible DOC for use with linuxbios (if 
required), alternatives? 
BTW, the article/document on the linuxbios-homepage only mentions 32pin DIP 
ZIF sockets variants, does it work for others at all ?-) 
Are there some current reliable numbers on what booting speed can be achieved 
using linuxbios (which is critical for my application) ?- the "rumour" numbers 
vary from 3 seconds to 20 seconds for same hardware ... 

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