Linuxbios and co...

Eric W. Biederman ebiederman at
Thu Feb 17 10:19:01 CET 2005

Guido Fiala <guido.fiala at> writes:

> Hallo Mr. Biederman,
> came to contact you reading your article in the Linuxjournal: 
> You mention that you managed to set up Linuxbios for 3 mainboards, was it a 
> big job or quite easy to do?

The hard part is always the chipset port.  In particular the memory
controllers can be a pain.
> Would really like to try it for to system i have at hands here: a Via-based 
> system and a Pentium-M based one (MB890 mainboard).
> Can you recommend some step-by-step procedure how to get it working?
> Unfortunately the documentation at the linux/free/open-bios sites is not very 
> useful compared to a "classical" Howto ;-)

Love to but I've been too busy porting to different systems.
> I can not even decide which one is the way to go - linux-bios, free-bios or 
> open-bios! There is mailing-list-traffic in all these, but in none a 
> site-search even got me results on "MB890" or "855GME" chipsets etc.

linuxbios is a subset of freebios that seems to equal the entire set.
openbios for the most part runs on top of Linuxbios.

> Maybe you can give me some hint if you are still involved?

I am.

If you need more of a hint hopefully someone else can do a
better job of answering the questions.


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