totalimpact briq?

Stefan Reinauer stepan at
Mon Feb 14 05:48:00 CET 2005

* Greg Watson <gwatson at> [050214 16:02]:
> Hi Stefan,
> I did it this way because the JTAG debugger understands elf headers, so 
> can automatically work out where to program the image in rom. I guess 
> it should really be called linuxbios.elf. Feel free to change things if 
> you feel the need.

Ah, good to know.. I'm not sure whether I really need to change
anything, but I would like to play with LinuxBIOS in qemu some more, as
it has working ppc, x86, amd64 and sparc system emulation.
Arm and sparc64 to come..

Together with it's speed, this gives a pretty unique testing utility for
OpenBIOS, but I need some lower level firmware under it, so I decided to
go LinuxBIOS since there already is a weirdly broken qemu-i386 port and
the totalimpact briq worked with openbios before...


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