Hi & 440lx chipset

Paul Millar paulm at astro.gla.ac.uk
Sat Feb 12 03:55:01 CET 2005

On Saturday 12 February 2005 11:20, Stefan Reinauer wrote:
> * Paul Millar <paulm at astro.gla.ac.uk> [050211 23:39]:
> > A random extra bit of info, I just found this page:
> >   http://www.openbios.org/development/devbios.html
> >
> > I haven't tried it yet, but if it works, it would make flashing
> > new images a lot easier.  A link from your web-page might be a
> > good idea.
> It's not really up to date. I've got the impression that
> freebios2/util/flash_and_burn/ works better.

OK, but this is *precisely* the information that should go in the FAQ. 
One of the first questions (at least for me) was: if I build 
LinuxBIOS, how do I "run" it?

If I've got this right the answer is:
  1.  that softboot thing (utility that loads the image into memory 
and runs it instead of halt/reboot, from /etc/init.d/S99halt)

  2.  Flashing via the motherboard:
   2.0 procedure for flashing an external EEPROM using mobo
   2.1 flash using flash_and_burn util (in freebios2) [recommended]
   2.2 flash using OpenBIOS /dev/bios support
   2.3 flash using 2.6-kernel MTD mobo-BIOS flash support
   2.4 flash using freebios/util/sis 
   2.5 flash using Intel's System Update Package (this still exist?)

 3. flash using external EEPROM burner:
        3.1 Devices that work under Linux:
            3.1.1 burn-u-like-it [link]
        3.2 Other computer-controlled devices (boot under Windows?):
            3.2.1 burn-with-gates [link]
        3.3 Stand-alone devices:
            3.3.1 Needham Electronics EMP 30 [link]
            3.3.1 Nero's Fiddle 100 [link]
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