Hi & 440lx chipset

Richard Smith smithbone at gmail.com
Fri Feb 11 06:05:44 CET 2005

> > I don't know what the difference between the 440LX and BX is Buta
> > as long as the ram registers are the same the 440bx stuff should
> > work fine.  Unless they have done something messy with the access
> > to the SPD on the ram.

I just look on developer.intel.com and fouind the 440LX datasheet.  At
my (really) quick glance it looks very similar to the BX.  You might
just get lucky and have it come up and work.

What's the FSB speed of that board?  Can it do 100Mhz or only 66? 

> I've no idea either, but I'll try and give it a shot.  It'll probably
> be Sunday before I get the chance to do anything, though.

Ok I would suggest that you start with a copy of the bitworks board.
(mainboard/bitworks/ims)  change the superIO and rework the ROM size
to match your board and work from there.

> OK, asking the great Google in the sky: "MS-6117 superio" resulted in
> a single hit, with the following line.
>   Superio: Winbond 977TF rev 0 found at port 3F0h
> (I can probably verify that by eyeball the motherboard at some point)

> Does that sound promising?

Yes.  Theres a few number missing but thats probally a w83977tf. 
Theres a w83977ef in the tree.  I'm sure the differences between the
tf and ef are really minor.  But check your number and google for the
datasheet on the part.

Let me send you my config file.  I't probally won't compile against
the stock V1 tree since I think I've added several config options for
my own use but those should be pretty easy to fix.
Richard A. Smith

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