Hi & 440lx chipset

Paul Millar paulm at astro.gla.ac.uk
Thu Feb 10 12:19:07 CET 2005

On Thursday 10 February 2005 21:31, you wrote:
> > Quick (cheeky) question:  does LinuxBIOS support the 440LX
> > chipset?
> I don't know what the difference between the 440LX and BX is Buta
> as long as the ram registers are the same the 440bx stuff should
> work fine.  Unless they have done something messy with the access
> to the SPD on the ram.

I've no idea either, but I'll try and give it a shot.  It'll probably 
be Sunday before I get the chance to do anything, though.

> > PPS output from lspci:
> What superIO is on it?  if your superIO supported then V1 should at
> least come up and try to setup the ram.  If not then the
> differences might be pretty easy to work out by some northbridge
> dumps.

OK, asking the great Google in the sky: "MS-6117 superio" resulted in 
a single hit, with the following line.
  Superio: Winbond 977TF rev 0 found at port 3F0h
(I can probably verify that by eyeball the motherboard at some point)

Does that sound promising?


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