NTV-1000 STB

Richard Smith smithbone at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 20:07:00 CET 2005

> I didnt think that LinuxBIOS would help me but was worth a shot. What do
> you mean that the SuperIO chip should be easy to get going?

Linux bios supports a SMC chip with numbers that are very close to the
numbers on your board.  Typically that means very little difference
between the chips so a quick check with the datasheet would show you
what if any tweaks you needed to make to get serial IO.  Thats the
first step in linuxbios support.

Its all pretty much mute though since in order to do that you would
need to replace your OTP bios chip with something you can re-program.

> I have
> confirmed that it is working fine and is powered up, but the bios doesnt
> even try to boot from any devices connected to it.

Acording to the posts I saw the bios has no int19 support so they
really didn't want it to boot from any disks.

If it can't be made to netboot easily then your probally better off
just chunking it.  The RE effort for anything else will be quite

Richard A. Smith

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