Richard Smith smithbone at
Mon Feb 7 09:03:01 CET 2005

> > code duplication in the x86 instruction emulation that could be
> > consolidated.
> It is Paulo's work.

Ah well there you go.  My knowledge was outdated.  Looks like the
cutting edge of x86emu developement now is the linuxbios emu tree.

Did you also extend Paulo's work?  He mentioned that there were other
areas in the code where application of his work should reduce code
size as well.

If they haven't already submitted thier patches you might want to also
check with Scitech soft on thier version of the in-kernel emu.  Thier
commercial "snap" drivers use the same stuff and I seem to remember
him telling me they made some tweaks to make the newer Radeon cards
and the like work right.

Richard A. Smith

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