Richard Smith smithbone at
Mon Feb 7 06:37:00 CET 2005

> > There has been talk of adding emu86 to the kernel. Where's the source
> > for your 32K version? I'd also like to look at your code for setting
> > up the environment to run the VBIOS. PPC/IA64 people have been asking
> > for us to add emu86 support so that they can reset their cards. With a
> > 32K emu86 there is no need for us to use vm86 mode.


The 32k version is still a proof of concept for now.  Paulo Marques
did all the work on reducing the emulator size down.  He felt it was
_possible_ to get it to 32k.

Paulos version is based on the Xfree86 emu from the xfree project.  
There are 2 other trees.  One from SciTech soft and Ollies (linuxbios)
tree.  They all are mostly the same.  Especially for the actual x86
emulation part.  SciTech soft is the Full upstream tree and Xfree
( would perodically sync up push back/pull from improvements
from SciTech.  I've copied "Kendall Bennett"
<KendallB at> from scitech as he may have some additional
info for you.

The LB  tree is from a Xfree snapshot of long ago.  Most of the
changes to the LB tree are tweaks for proper VGA and PCI bios
interrupt support.

To my knowledge Paulos version has never been tested.  I'm sending you
the source for Paulos stuff from my Yahoo account in a different mail.

Richard A. Smith

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