NTV-1000 STB

Geoffrey McRae gnif at spacevs.com
Sun Feb 6 18:29:01 CET 2005

Hi people, I have recently acquired a NTV-1000 set top box that has a 486
DX4-100 in it, so its standard ix86 architecture, but this thing boots
from a flash simm its own os (ONX) and no matter what I do I cant get it
to boot from its ide interface. This is where linuxbios comes in, would it
be possible to put "LinuxBios" onto the original bios in this thing?

The bios is a square smc chip, not like the one documented on the lb
website and according to its datasheet its OTP (one time programmable), so
flashing it is not an option. I would love to get this thing running as a
gateway, but thats pretty much impossible if I cant replace the operating
system, the chipset is made by OPTi but finding datahseets on it has
proven to be impossible.

I have googled for hours looking for a way to re-flash the flash simm with
a linux kernel, but the only solution I could find was to buy a
programmer, but since this is just an attempt to resurect some useless
hardware, I wont be spending more then a couple of $ on it. I cant even be
sure that the flash simm the same pinout as a normal simm, and if it is, i
wouldnt even know where to start with writing to it on a standard mobo. I
have found once reference to someone getting etherboot on it, but I cant
contact him as the post was from 2001 and it was a uni email address.

Anyhow, back on topic, is there a way to adapt this socket to take a DoC
and if so, would LinuxBios support the cipset? I am at work at the moment,
so I cant give you the chipset part numbers, but if you need them I will
send them when I get home.


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