enabling flash on an old asus tx97e mainboard

Ghozlane Toumi gtoumi at gmail.com
Tue Feb 1 05:31:01 CET 2005

Hi all.

  I've got an old Asus TX97E board (socket 7, chipset 430TX) on which
I'd like to
port/try linuxbios, should'nt be hard as a close cousin, the tx97le
has been reported as working with linuxbios V1.

  Unfortunately, I'm stuck at the first stage : flashing anything to the EEPROM.

  I tried /dev/bios that has support for the intel 430TX based mobos,
but it oopses badly.
  I ported the code for enabling flash on 430TX from deb/bios to
flash_and_burn, but the results are not so good (apparently, the flash
detection routines get back 0xFFs and no IDs)
  Uniflash (opensource flasher in pascal) doesn't see the flash part either...

  Somehow, I guess that Asus put some work on adding extra layers of "security"
in order to protect the bios. Black magic with GPIOs an whatnot ...

  Do any of you guys know what has to be done for this specific motherboard?

  I don't really know where to go from that...
The only tool that is able to flash the bios is the original flasher
from the manufacturer.
how can I "spy" on it in order to get what gpio it uses for enabling flashes ?
I'd try Bochs, but i guess the flash tool looks for a specific chipset...

I'm stuck at square one, I'd appreciate advices  ...



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