[LinuxBIOS] I855 raminit.c hang up

Ronald G Minnich rminnich at lanl.gov
Fri Dec 30 01:07:08 CET 2005

Daniel Toussaint wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a board with an I852/ICH4 chipset (lspci output attached).
> i am trying to get something up and running based on the
> digitallogic/adl855pc board.
> During memory initialization , in northbridge/intel/i855pm/raminit.c
> the system hangs up in do_ram_command() when executing read32(dword) ,
> where dword is 0x0000
> Ram Enable 3
> P:10
> R:11
> R:00000000
> Is this a known problem ? Any tips ? If not,  I will just keep on
> trying to find out what is wrong, but given my limited
> knowledge/experience with initialization of memory controllers, it may
> take me a long time.

it's a known problem. The fix is to get intel to talk to you about this 
chipset. Good luck, they're not friendly. Can you move to some other 
non-Intel chipset instead of the adl855pc?



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