[LinuxBIOS] GRUB vs LinuxBIOS question

Svante Signell svante.signell at telia.com
Thu Dec 29 17:12:06 CET 2005


I'm currently reading the mailing list archives on GRUB V2 and LinuxBIOS
development. Can somebody please enlighten me on the interfaces between
the two development projects. In an ideal world one should have open
source, or preferably free software solutions, for the BIOS code too.
Are there any overlaps in functionality that could be synchronised
between the groups? Is anything tutorial-like written explaining the
different functionality of the (Linux)BIOS (CPU, memory, peripheral
initialisation, etc) and GRUB (kernel loading, transfer of control to
kernel etc).

Svante Signell <svante.signell at telia.com>

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