[LinuxBIOS] any chance to get X fbdev driver to work ?

Richard Smith smithbone at gmail.com
Wed Dec 28 23:24:50 CET 2005

> You mean, take the original bios, delete vga-bios .16 and insert
> vga-bios .13 instead?
> Well, I can try it and will see what happens :D
> Unfortunatly, vga .16 is smaller as .13

Yeah.  Use a hex editor and cut and paste so the size stays the same.

> >
> > Are you sure that all of your shadow areas are setup correctly during the copy?
> >
> Good question, but I think so. How can I figure out, that all is make well.
> As I say, some pieces of vga code is on the right place, you will see
> it, if I write the different ranges. The rest of Linuxbios is okay and
> works.

After the code in vgabios.c only checks for the existence of the
signature after the copy is complete.  Change that code so it does a
byte by byte comparison.

After the memcpy but before the call to write_protect_vgabios() put in
a check to see if it matches byte for byte.

Richard A. Smith

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