[LinuxBIOS] any chance to get X fbdev driver to work ?

Christian Sühs chris at suehsi.de
Wed Dec 28 22:06:20 CET 2005

>>Is it possible to diff the contents of 0xc0000-0x0d0000 under both the
>>factory and linux bios?  I think you may have said that you have to
>>use different copy of the video bios for linuxbios?
Ok, first result of factory bios:

Via Epia-ML Bios Version 1.1.16
included VGA-Bios called Mclecomb.rom

get file with

dd if=/dev/mem of=vga1.rom bs=1 count=65536 skip=786432

later I have done a dd on vga1.rom with count 60146, because the 
extracted vga_bios from origbios.bin has a size of 60146


cmp -cl origvga.rom vga2.rom


There are two different offsets.
Offset 1A is A5, original Offset 1A is A6
Offset 5D is 01, original Offset 5D is 00

thats all.

Unfortanetly I can not write the differences from Linuxbios, because, 
there are to much :D

included VGA-Bios Mvpsd_15.rom from Epia-M Bios Version 1.1.13

if you want, you can have a log file ;)
It seems, nearly the half code is overwritten.


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