[LinuxBIOS] any chance to get X fbdev driver to work ?

Christian Sühs chris at suehsi.de
Tue Dec 27 14:35:23 CET 2005

> It seems that the content on 0x0c0000 is not the same as the vgabios
> Only the first (between Offset 0x00 and Offset 0x7f) words are the same. 
> The rest differs from vgabios (Offset 0x80 - 0xFFFF). That is the reason 
> why X detects a valid vga-Bios section on Offset 00 and 01 (55aa) and 
> the rest fails.
Not all differs from the orginal vbios, but there are many parts in the 
image which are different. Also, the whole part, which should be FF.


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