[LinuxBIOS] any chance to get X fbdev driver to work ?

Christian Sühs chris at suehsi.de
Mon Dec 26 21:28:26 CET 2005

Richard Smith schrieb:
>>Right, Offset 2 from the Via-M VGA-Bios mvspd_15.rom is 0x7D
>>0x7D * 512 = 64000
>>Thats the correct image size before filling.
>>I have filled up this image with 00 to 65536 and will now try
>>0x80 for Offset 2
> Where did you stick the checksum?  Did you compute a checksum?

Mmhh, Offset 2 from mvspd_15.rom is 7D
Offset 2 from a newer vga_bios.rom is 76

these are the correct values for the file sizes (Offset 2 * 512) after I
extract they from the orginal Bios with award bios editor.

firstvga.rom is 64000 (7D * 512 = 64000)
secondvga.rom is 60416 (76 * 512 = 60416)

with LinuxBios I use the firstvga.rom, because of the newer ones don't
work with Linuxbios ( could be vgabios.c the reason? ), but after
filling the file size is 65536

So I thought, I must set the Offset 2 to 80
(80 * 512 = 65536) and all will went fine with X (I hope so).

However, it does not work ;)
Unfortunatly I get different checksums, always if I reboot.

For example,

85fd86, 8f753d

I don't no why, I use the same bios and the same configuration for the 
rest and get different checksums, that should be inpossible.


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