[LinuxBIOS] any chance to get X fbdev driver to work ?

Christian Sühs chris at suehsi.de
Sun Dec 25 11:54:07 CET 2005

Richard Smith schrieb:
> Merry x-mas to you as well.  Hopefully Santa will bring you some
> working bios code. *grin*

>>        else {
>>            romSize = *((CARD8 *) (pBIOS + VIA_BIOS_SIZE_POS)) * 512;
>>            pRom = pBIOS;
>>            sum = 0;
> What is it getting here?  Bios extensions have a size parameter in the
> same area as the signature.  Offset 2. (Right after the 0xaa55) 

Right, Offset 2 from the Via-M VGA-Bios mvspd_15.rom is 0x7D
0x7D * 512 = 64000
Thats the correct image size before filling.

I have filled up this image with 00 to 65536 and will now try
0x80 for Offset 2
> the length in 512 byte chunks.  So make sure this number is correct
> for your image size.   Does the factory bios have the same values as
> your LB image?

No, see before.
> For your fill.  The unerased value of a ROM part is 0xFF.  So using
> 0xFF as a fill value is probally a good idea.

I will try both (0x00 and 0xFF), and see what happens.
Thanks for the hint.

But one question, how can I fill up the image with 0xFF.
My 0x00 way is to create a file with

dd if=/dev/zero of=bios2nd.rom bs=1 count=fill_lenght

and then

cat vga_original.rom bios2nd.rom > finalvga.rom

> --
> Richard A. Smith

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