[LinuxBIOS] Eventually a RAM problem for slow booting Epia-M

Christian Sühs chris at suehsi.de
Tue Dec 20 21:26:43 CET 2005

Richard Smith schrieb:
>>Then I recognized the lines above in auto.c, which disable the Firewire
>>stuff, but The Epia-ML does not have Firewire, ok it is the same chipset
>>and the firewire is integrated in the chip, but voila it works.
>>I have commented out line 119-123 and all works fine on high speed :D
>>Is there a better way?
> So If I get this right then the call to pci_locate_device() was
> causing the delay?
> I guess looping through every bus, dev, function searching for a
> device could take a while.
> Probally the best thing to do is to create a mainboard/via/epia-ml
> directory.  I bet that won't be the only thing thats different.

Well, problem is, that via distributed same mainboards with optional 
features, too.

I think the MII is the best example, you can get it, with or without CF 
Connector and so on

Other things are, with or without LVDS Port, FDC, Firewire and something 
> --
> Richard A. Smith

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