[LinuxBIOS] Eventually a RAM problem for slow booting Epia-M

Stefan Reinauer stepan at openbios.org
Tue Dec 20 20:53:10 CET 2005

* Christian Sühs <chris at suehsi.de> [051220 20:34]:
> Then I recognized the lines above in auto.c, which disable the Firewire 
> stuff, but The Epia-ML does not have Firewire, ok it is the same chipset 
> and the firewire is integrated in the chip, but voila it works.
> I have commented out line 119-123 and all works fine on high speed :D
> Is there a better way?
is this in the mainboard specific code? then we should have a new
mainboard directory for the ML.

> It is possible to get the vesafb on boottime. Because, there is no 
> longer a bootsplash :(
> Stefan means, I need an CLE266 fb kerneldriver and it should work, but 
> via offered a kernel modul, only
Where can that module be found? You won't easily be able to use the vesa
framebuffer, because linuxbios always sets a text mode instead of a
graphics mode (and the vesafb driver does bios calls in some
circumstances, at least on x86, but that can easily be patched)

LinuxBIOS should offer a way of getting the machine right into graphics
mode and provide the framebuffer address and depth in the linuxbios
table. ;) I say, drop text mode (as an option) and go framebuffer. This
allows using two graphics cards on the bios level since we don't need to
cope with concurrent mapping of legacy bios areas anymore.


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