[LinuxBIOS] Eventually a RAM problem for slow booting Epia-M

Christian Sühs chris at suehsi.de
Tue Dec 20 17:15:07 CET 2005

Hello @ all,

I have searched the MailingList for Epia, and there is another poster 
which have the same problem as I have.

A slow boot Epia-M, which needs about 10 seconds for the first messages 
over the com port.

Somebody means, it could be a problem at the northbridge, but has have 
no solution :(

There is a second thing in the post, which compares to me.

It seems the poster has the same RAM, as I have.
Only the size differs. My RAM is a Single Sided 2100/3200 256MB with 
Samsung Chips.

Could the RAM the reason for the slow boot. I think the first thing to 
initialize is the RAM. Furthermore, the RAM is direct connected to the NB.


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