[LinuxBIOS] LinuxBios on Epia-ML more problems

Christian Sühs chris at suehsi.de
Mon Dec 19 10:48:44 CET 2005

>>For a ROM image that is 256k in size that means you need a 64k VGA
>>bios image located at offset 0x0.  The linuxbios image can then start
>>at offset 0x10000.
>>If you do a 'hd' on your ROM image file the very first word you see
>>should be 0x55aa which is the 0xaa55 rom signature in little endian.
> I will have a look ;)

Right, the  VGABIOS I have got with the dd command was not valid.
It starts with another word as it should.

But, the newer right extracted ones fail on booting, too.
At the moment I use the prefered one from the older Epia-M Bios and the 
vga comes up, if filo run.

Furthermore, there is a second problem for me. Linuxbios needs about 10 
seconds to output the first messages. Stefan means, it is a hardware 
problem. Have somebody else this problem ??

What does Linuxbios first to initialize the Hardware? And what could 
take so long time? The rest of the initializing seems to be ok.

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