[LinuxBIOS] LinuxBios on Epia-ML

Christian Sühs chris at suehsi.de
Sun Dec 18 17:48:46 CET 2005

Stefan Reinauer schrieb:
> * Christian Sühs <chris at suehsi.de> [051218 13:11]:
>>VGA random fixup ...
>>found VGA: vid=1106, did=3122
>>rom base, size: fffc0000
>>BAD SIGNATURE 0x8 0x1e
>>biosint: # 0x10, eax 0x4f14 ebx 0x18003 ecx 0x1 edx 0x0
>>biosint: ebp 0x17fa8 esp 0xffa edi 0x0 esi 0xffff70b6
>>biosint: ip 0x8e22 cs 0x0 flags 0x46
>>BIOSINT: Unsupport int #0x10
> Why is the via epia-m using it's own vga emulator in the
> src/mainboard directory? This is BAD in terms of debugging, 
> testing and finding regressions.

Hmmm, however :D

Currently, I looked in several bios.rom images on the via website.
I recognized that the latest images from Epia-ML and Epia-M have the 
same VGABIOS Name and Size. Somewhere I have read that the latest Epia-M 
Bios makes trouble with LinuxBios, if you extract the VGABIOS from that 
Also their was a link to an older Bios of the Epia-M (I think it is 
epia-m, but I'm not sure). This bios file contains an different VGABIOS 
(name and size) and now I will try this VGABIOS.

Good luck ;)

But one question, should I fill the video.image to 65536 with zero?

> The VGA bios is trying to ask the system bios for certain
> "extensions", the VESA OEM Extensions. i.e.
> http://www.ctyme.com/intr/rb-0306.htm (Matrox specific)
> This needs to be implemented in LinuxBIOS.
> Stefan

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