[LinuxBIOS] Anybody having success with EPIA 800? (was Re: EPIA halting after vt8601 init?)

Hacen Aissaoui aissaoui_hacen at yahoo.fr
Sat Dec 17 10:29:19 CET 2005


Sorry to come back on this old thread but I would greatly appreciate if 
anyone could update the info discussed in it.
Is the SDRAM CAS latency parameter the only issue with EPIA 800 ?
Does the newest version of LB adapt itself to different SDRAMs ?

Finally, Al, you were talking about  :

"keeping track of what it takes to get this going on  EPIA, so I can 
post it for others in the future, this will be good to know."

Could you kindly share your tracks with the EPIA 800 ?


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