[LinuxBIOS] Compiling errors for flashrom

Stefan Reinauer stepan at openbios.org
Thu Dec 15 22:42:52 CET 2005

* Christian Sühs <chris at suehsi.de> [051215 22:22]:
> Unfortanetly, with gcc 2.96 I'm not able to compile the LB image itself :D
As I said: Don't use 2.96, except the world goes under otherwise. ;)

> Furthermore, I work on a selfmade minimal distro, but I will try to 
> compile a working gcc version to compile both, flashtool and the image 
> without any warnings

Ah, maybe crosstool is of interest for you. It allows you to build
different combinations of gcc, binutils and libc very easily. Just
google for it.

> Currently I'm wondering about the differences in gcc. For flashtool I 
> get warnings for comparisons between signed and unsigned only, without 
> the -Werror Flag and the gcc 3.3 version. Why isn't gcc backwards 
> compatible?
In this case removing -Werror should be fine. A gdb run of the
segmentation fault would be very interesting. I don't have an 8.2
machine here anymore, unfortunately.

gcc has never been without such side effects, and using stuff like
-Werror might give safety on a couple of systems, but also introduces
compilation problems on others. Is your gcc 3.3 a prerelease? (ie. as
shipped with SUSE a couple of times) those prereleases often handle code
better than the final releases, but they might have warnings enabled 
that never occur again in any later version.

> Now I have the tool compiled with gcc 2.96 and it works, but compiling 
> the image with gcc 3.3 results in the same warnings and a few warnings 
> more. It could be, that the image won't work :(
Does the segfault you saw happen with the 2.96 binary as well? What did
you do to get around it?

> @Stefan
> I think i can mail to in german, is it so ??
Indeed. But please make sure to leave the mailing list off the senders
list in german mailings. ;-)


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