[LinuxBIOS] MSI MB support

Fredrik Tolf fredrik at dolda2000.com
Sun Dec 4 02:02:12 CET 2005

On Sun, 2005-12-04 at 01:34 +0100, Fredrik Tolf wrote:
> On Sat, 2005-12-03 at 13:06 -0600, Richard Smith wrote:
> > You mean that it doesn't have the ability to program the flash on
> > board?  Because from a read viewpoint there is no difference.  Any
> > flash part that meets the same timing and pinout as the part that's
> > already on the board will work.  You just need a programmer to change
> > things.
> Well, it would be kind of nice to not have to fork out money on a
> programmer if I can do it from the host system, though. Maybe I can use
> MSI's firmware programmer with a LinuxBIOS image?

Sorry, I misinterpreted your misinterpretation. :) What I meant to say
by that BIOS programming isn't supported isn't that the MB isn't
capable, but that MSI doesn't provide the specs for the flash
programming interface, and that the BIOS programmer that comes with
LinuxBIOS doesn't support my flash chip.

Just wanted to clear that up.

Fredrik Tolf

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