[LinuxBIOS] MSI MB support

Fredrik Tolf fredrik at dolda2000.com
Sat Dec 3 14:14:05 CET 2005

Hi List!

I've been following LinuxBIOS for a while, but unfortunately, I haven't
been able to use it, since my motherboard isn't supported.

My MB is manufactured by MSI (it's a KT6 Delta), and I've been in e-mail
conversation with them about this issue, but let's just say that they
have been less than forthcoming about it. :-/

So I guess what I want to ask is what I can do about the situation. Is
there any point in trying to just get the chipset specs from VIA (it's a
KT600 NB and a VT8237 SB), or are there things that need to be done
specifically for the motherboard so that the chipset specs are useless
by themselves, apart from the flash memory (which isn't supported

I'm more than willing to do the porting work myself, but I'd like to
know where I could start, and if it's at all possible without the MB

Fredrik Tolf

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