[LinuxBIOS] Via MB suggestion

Richard Smith smithbone at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 23:26:43 CET 2005

Hey all you via dudes:

I'm looking at using one of these small  ITX or mini-ITX boards for a
personal project.   And of course I want it to boot LinuxBIOS.

I'm going to need LCD output to a >= 800x600 screen and X allthough I
could probally make it work with the framebuffer as well.  I don't
need a lot of power just enough to run a pyQT3 python app play mp3's.

What some MB board names I should I start looking for?  There's loads
of options.

Which ones so far are known to boot?
Which ones are bios hacker friendly?  (Meaning it has a PLCC or DIP
flash rather than TSOP)

Richard A. Smith

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